LCD Associated Billing and Coding Article - Billing and Coding: Respiratory Care (Respiratory Therapy) - R5

The following Local Coverage Determination (LCD) associated Billing and Coding Article (LCA) has been revised under contract number: 02102 (AK), 03102 (AZ), 02202 (ID), 03202 (MT), 03302 (ND), 02302 (OR), 03402 (SD), 03502 (UT), 02402 (WA), and 03602 (WY).

Medicare Coverage Database Number LCD Title and Revision Number
L37293 Respiratory Care (Respiratory Therapy)


Medicare Coverage Database Number Billing and Coding Article Title and Revision Number
A57225 Billing and Coding: Respiratory Care (Respiratory Therapy)


Effective Date: October 1, 2020
Summary of Changes: Added ICD-10 code D02.3 - Carcinoma in situ of other parts of respiratory system to Group 1 Codes to be consistent with another LCD related Billing and Coding Article.

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