Medical Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Should electro-acupuncture devices including P-STIM® be billed utilizing HCPCS code L8679?
A1. No, those devices are applied behind the ear using an adhesive and/or with needles inserted into the patient’s ear (similar to acupuncture). Implantable neurostimulators and electro-acupuncture devices are two separate devices. L8679 is for an implantable neurostimulator which is a device that needs to be surgically implanted, usually in an operating room.

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Q2. Why is documentation being requested for my claims being billed with HCPCS code L8679?
A2. Noridian has implemented a widespread service specific targeted review on HCPCS L8679.

Q3. What do I do if I received an Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letter(s) now requesting documentation for claims from 2019?
A3. Noridian is doing post-pay reviews on Annual Wellness, Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise, CPT 97530. The dates of service for these claims may be for 2019.

Q4. How do get education on what the criteria is for certain procedure codes such as outpatient therapy codes?
A4. Please check the Education and Outreach section of the Noridian Website for information on upcoming Webinars on topics. Also, browse the specialty section on the Noridian Website.


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